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Sobra - Mljet island, Croatia

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A Vacation Paradise

sobramalaSobra is a tiny bay on the northern coast of the island of Mljet and is used as fishing ground by the neighboring areas. It also serves as the main ferry port connecting various places on the island. It is also linked to other areas by bus and taxi services. This is a beautiful place, ideal for a quiet and relaxing vacation. Apartments in Sobra, Mljet provides accommodations for visiting tourists.

Apartments Sobra Mljet are clean, cozy and offer a relaxing ambience. They are also fully equipped with modern appliances and feature state of the art kitchens. They also have a terrace where you can really enjoy the sight of the crystal blue sea and beach, the lighthouse and sailboats. Come and experience this truly unique vacation in a serene and attractive spot.



You can also enjoy beachfront activities like swimming, picnics and barbecue parties. A restful night will also be provided by the apartments in Sobra, Mljet which will assure you get a good night's sleep in an ambience filled with natural calming sounds of crashing waves in the background. Imagine! You get an activity-filled day and a restful night all on this wonderful island.


Sobra on Island Mljet Map